2. "Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness."
    — Ray Bradbury (via studentsgoneglobal)

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    ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened

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  4. Today, I officially COS as a Peace Corps trainee in Sierra Leone. Although I was only there for two months, the people I met and the memories I made are some that I’ll cherish forever. Tenki tenki boku Mama Salone, a di kam bak quik quik. #sierraleone #peacecorps

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    At least 3,700 children in West Africa have lost one or both parents to #Ebola since the start of the outbreak. Children like 13-year-old Francis from Sierra Leone, who has lost his parents, sister and grandmother to the disease. Meet Francis and learn how a UNICEF supported centre is caring for him and his five-year-old sister Rose: http://uni.cf/10kpPza

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    one of my favorite ron swanson lines

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  9. Booked a two month backpacking trip in South America

    My life is a giant question mark, but travel. 

    It’s what I know how to do.

    This, this is something I can control in my crazy, hectic life.

    T-minus 30 days.


  10. "Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature."
    — George Harrison (via fenderlust)

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